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Won “the Grand Award Technology FY2018” from the Japan Gas Association (JGA).

July 6, 2018

The Product “Saver Pro for City Gas” (joint development with Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation and Aim-Tech Co., Ltd.) won "the Grand Award Technology FY2018” from the JGA.

Gas Leak Tester with “Saver Pro with the function of temperature correction” can correctly avoid from temperature influence in pressure measuring. Saver Pro provides which Leak Test at anytime without the effect to pressure by temperature change.

TOYOKEIKI CO., LTD. is going to develop products with the times for contribution of society’s development.

Outlie of the Grand Award Technology from the JGA
(quoted from the JGA HP)

The Japan Gas Association gives this Award every year for the innovative technology which has creativity or outstanding achievement for gas utility business.

the Grand Award Technology FY2018