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Notice of Change in Board of Directors

June 23, 2023

TOYOKEIKI Co., Ltd. appointed its members of Board of Directors, with approval at the General Shareholders' meeting and the meeting of Board of Directors on June 23rd.
The management team has been strengthened as follows.

Representative Director, Chairman Yasuhide Tsuchida
Representative Director, President Yasumasa Tsuchida
Managing Director, General Manager of Sales Division Kenji Uto
Managing Director, In charge of Kanto / Tokai region, Sales Division Hideo Nakata
Director, In charge of Hokuriku Region, Sales Division, and
Officer in charge of Environmental Systems Business Division
Yoshihisa Miyata
Director, General Manager of Sales Management Department Takayuki Hirakawa
Director, Officer in charge of Corporate Planning Department Katsunori Akahane
Director, Chief Technology Officer, and in charge of International Marketing Kiyotaka Miyahara
Director, General Manager of Research and Development Laboratory Fumitaka Fukushima
Director, General Manager of Manufacturing Division Yukio Kobayashi
Director, Chief Engineer (in charge of gas meter) Hirokazu Akiyama
Director, Deputy General Manager of Manufacturing Division, and
Manager of Headquarters Water Meter Factory
Yukio Furihata
Director, Deputy General Manager of Sales Division, and
Officer in charge of Hokkaido Region
Takafumi Nihonmatsu
Director, Manager of General Affairs Department Masahiko Yokozawa
Director, Manager of Kanto branch Yoshikazu Kurita
Director, Manager of Smart Cloud Division, and
Deputy General Manager of Sales Division
Kazuo Ono (new)
Director, General Manager of Corporate Planning Department, and
Head of DX Strategy
Akinori Ishida (new)

TOYOKEIKI Co., Ltd. will continue to work hard with our management and employees as a team, under our fundamental philosophy that "Contribute to the advancement of society and enhance the value of measurement by improving measurement technology".