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Solar Energy

TOYOKEIKI has started to sell, design and install PV generation systems since 2009.
First, we started our business by selling compact products for residential use manufactured by Sharp Corporation, but in order to take advantage of an opportunity of the launch of "Feed-in Tariff Scheme for renewable energy" in Japan, we began to put energy into selling, designing and installing products for large-scale PV generation systems. As a result, we have a good record in constructing from small to large generating facilities amounting to 50MW/h, and we constructed four facilities, each of which has 1MW/h.

The quality of the products is very important because PV generation systems need service after the sales so the distributor and customers must have a long term relationship of 10 – 20 years. In addition to the design and construction of the PV generation system installation work, we have acquired ISO9001 certification including maintenance and inspection service, so definitely we do a responsible installation based on that standard. Therefore, our sales system and service are reliable enough to trust with.

Our advantage is that we make use of the leading network throughout Japan that can provide one-stop service from design to maintenance, so we will design, install, and maintain the products in a way improving user-friendliness.

Furthermore, through a perspective of “energy creation”, energy storage, and energy saving, we will provide the one-stop service that gives you benefits with respect to energy management for the whole building including HEMS and electricity storage systems for the future.

Solar energy and Micro cogeneration system

TOYOKEIKI has developed “Solar energy and Micro cogeneration system (SemCos)”.

“SemCos” combines the electric power that has been made in the gas cogeneration system and photovoltaic power generation system. This contributes to the energy conservation and saving electric power in our daily life, and also supplies the electric power in case of emergency.

“SemCos” realizes the local production for local consumption of energy by making use of the gas cogeneration system and photovoltaic power generation system.

Preferentially it consumes the electric power that is generated by the photovoltaic power generation system, and then the gas cogeneration system fills the electric power shortage.

And fuel savings can be expected by the power generation control of the gas cogeneration system in an emergency.

As a dual-power generation system for the BCP (Business Continuity Plan), we recommend it to office buildings, welfare facilities, hospitals and disaster evacuation centers.